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Monday, September 15, 2003

Sewage Dumping

A Speach I Read In My Sophomore Debate Class

In 1972, delegates representing eighty countries around the world banded together to put an end to the dumping of waste at sea forever. This was called the London Convention. Yet since the signing of this, hundreds of new treaties, organizations, and laws have been created in order to stop ocean pollution. In fact, the same organization met again in 1996 and formed a new protocol. The incredible recurrence of this issue leaves one with one question: Why? New laws are not necessary, a new way of thinking is. The world must realize that the ocean is a tool to be utilized to its full potential, and the absorption and recycling of wastes is one of its primary functions.

The draining of wastes into the ocean is not nearly as harmful as some environmentalists would lead you to believe. It is known that the ocean is capable of absorbing and diffusing a vast amount of human waste.

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