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Sunday, February 13, 2005

With Conservatives Like These, Who Needs Liberals?

Over at “The Conservative Philosopher,” author KJB claims that it is conservative to supports the animal-rights platform.

In the essay entitled "The Immorality of Eating Meat," with which KJB defends his position, Engel, the author, explains that one cannot make a moral judgment based on what one feels, one must rely on fact. Unfortunately, this is what he is guilty of. He bases his argument on the equitability of human suffering and animal suffering. Though he “sincerely feels that humans are no more important than nonhumans,” this is not a fact but rather an emotional flight of fancy.

I am not saying here that the suffering of animals is trivial or unimportant. But I am stating what most people find intuitively obvious: since animals do not have a human consciousness, we cannot equate their suffering with human suffering. As one reader explains, “Most people make their moral choices for reasons ‘of the heart’ that they don't always fully understand. Even the most educated and intelligent of people can do this, and Engel is a good example.”

‘Tis a pity…


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