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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Great Raid


I went to see an early release of “The Great Raid” today; it’s a great movie. Their website displays: “Set in the Philippines in 1945, "The Great Raid" tells the true story of the 6th Ranger Battalion, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Mucci who undertake a daring rescue mission against all odds. Traveling thirty miles behind enemy lines, the 6th Ranger Battalion aims to liberate over 500 American prisoners-of-war from the notorious Cabanatuan Japanese POW camp in the most audacious rescue ever.”

In my favorite scene, a Japanese interrogator tells the Commanding Officer of the POWS to "think of your future!" The CO pauses, looks the man straight in the eye, and answers: “My future is not in your hands.” Other scenes in the movie further developed the sustaining role of faith.

Even the romance had an idealistic, uplifting character to it. Rather than pander to the cheap sex of typical Hollywood, the man and woman in this movie wait. Though the captivity lasted several years, the two Christians were each other’s protectors and sustainers, living off the hope of spending their lives together after the war.

Loaded with strong, moral characters, patriotism, courage, and integrity under extreme pressure, this is an action movie with ideals, among the likes of The Patriot and The Gladiator (though suitable for the whole family). I really liked it!

Watching the movie, I realized how sad it was that there aren't more movies like this. I say its time for another great raid: not to the shores of the Philippines but the shores of the West Coast. Its time the American people took back Hollywood!


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