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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sorry, No Posts Today

Sorry guys, but I'm swamped with AP Calc homework. (It seems I forgot about my summer assignments, hehe.) I'll be ready with a good post for you Monday night, or Sunday if you're lucky.

Until then, allow the ladies at the Cotillion Ball to treat you to some good-old-fashioned southern hospitality (and behave yourselves!).
UPDATE: Sorry, but you'll have to wait until tommarow night (tues.) Its the first day of school tomarrow and I need to get my sleep tonight! And after all, I can't just post anything on my blog.

Other websites you may want to check out:

Ann Coulter

Need I say more?

Little Green Footballs

"Little Green Footballs (often abbreviated as LGF) is a weblog run by California web designer Charles Johnson. Much like neo-conservative icon Irving Kristol, Johnson claims that he was "a liberal who was mugged by history" — in this case, by the September 11, 2001 attacks."

Scource: Wikipedia: LGF


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