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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

CHINA (China Aid Association)

"State security agents threatened Christian businessman, Tong Qimiao, while he was being hospitalized for a broken chest bone, caused by brutal torture. The agents showed Mr. Tong China Aid Association's news release on his case and forced him to write a statement that he was never beaten during interrogation. The officials of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce also showed up at the emergency room and threatened him that his license would be revoked unless he cooperated with the state security agents. Mr. Tong Qimiao was so seriously beaten by the state security agents on September 30th that his chest bone was broken. Reliable sources told CAA that Mr. Tong and his family would not give in and they would file a lawsuit against the agents. "We are shocked by what happened to Mr. Tong, and it is even more inhumane and barbarian that this happened in the hospital," said Bob Fu, President of China Aid Association. "This kind of case happens as the Chinese government is ambitiously developing the Western region. We urge the Chinese government to take exact steps to protect people's freedom of religion, which is enshrined in the Constitution of the People's Republic of China."

"Pray God will work out His justice in this case. Pray the Lord will heal Mr. Tong quickly. Pray international publicity concerning Mr. Tong's treatment will bring an end to China's persecution of Christians. "

INDIA (Compass Direct)

"Religious tensions in Punjab state increased last week, as police beat several Christians in jail. They had taken them to jail to presumably protect them from Hindu extremists. At least 40 Christians were praying at a home in Maloud the night of September 25th when a mob, including members of the Hindu extremist group Bajrang Dal, stormed the house. The mob threatened the Christians and beat some of them. Believers called the police, and four of them-Gurdev Singh, Balkaran Singh, Jaswant Singh and Amar Singh, a pastor-were taken into custody, as the mob grew increasingly violent. At Maloud's police station, Assistant Sub-Inspector Hukum Chand Sharma, repeatedly struck the Christians, gravely injuring Gurdev Singh and Amar Singh. Later he also beat a 60-year-old pastor, Sukhdev Singh, who was later hospitalized with serious injuries.

"Nine Christians in Chattisgarh's Durg district are on trial for disrupting the peace between two communities, by "attempting to convert" Hindu villagers with offers of money. On Monday, September 26th, the pastor and eight members of a church appeared before a judge, who offered to dismiss the case if the Christians would agree to stop their activities.,They declined to do, asserting that the allegations against them were false. Police had arrested the group on June 6th and charged them with disturbing the peace, after a mob of around 200 people attacked the Christians and accused them of offering money to convert Hindu villagers. Police did not file any charges against the attackers. Meanwhile, two other Christians in another district of Chattisgarh are awaiting charges against them for their alleged role in fraudulent "conversion."

"Pray our compassionate Savior will physically and emotionally heal the injured believers. Pray they will display God's heart toward their enemies. Pray the police will recognize that their attempts to wipe out Christianity were in vain."

Courtesy of
The Voice of the Martyrs


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