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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Veteran's Day II

From the Hallowed Ground of Gettysburg, to the desert mountains of Afghanistan, the soldiers of the American Armed forces have been called upon for over 200 years to defend the liberties of our nation. And they have never failed to answer that call. They willingly sacrifice their freedoms, time, and even lives to protect us.

Countless millions are free today because of these sacrifices.

After 9/11, this country faced perhaps the greatest challenge in its history. And once again our military has responded with the same courage, honor, and determination, that has become so characteristic of the American soldier.

On Veterans Day of 2001,just two months after that terrorist attack on America, President George W. Bush said, "Let us honor our Veterans, who proved their heroism and love of country time and again, from Yorktown and Gettysburg to Iwo Jima and the Persian Gulf. They consistently defended our ideals across the globe; and they continue to inspire those who defend America today, half a world away.”

There are more than 25 million living veterans who served our Nation in times of peace and war. Many of them willingly entered harm's way to fight for our freedoms. By their service, they kept America strong, and they have protected our way of life from tyranny's grip for over two centuries.

We owe them our freedom.

We owe them our gratitude,

And we owe them our very lives.

And though we could never thank them enough, I ask you to go out of your way and shake a vet's hand today, for his service and for that of all veterans who have left their homes and families to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.


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