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Friday, December 02, 2005

News for Dec. 2

Breaking News

Courthouses in five Connecticut cities: Waterbury, Rockville, Danielson, New Haven and New London have been evacuated and shut down in response to an "unspecified threat."

Federal Courthouses in Bridgefort, Hartford, and New Haven remain open but are being swept by police bomb squads.

In an interview with Fox News, Bill Gavin, former Assitant FBI Director for New York, explained that "they had to have some credible threat...where the informant probably spelled out what courthouses were most involved" for the state to respond in such a manner.

Developing... Still no word on the threat...

Fox News Poll Results for the War on Christmas and Iraq:

Of Americans polled:

Would the world be better of worse off with Saddam in control of Iraq:
27% responded "Better Off", 52% responded "Worse Off"

Would Iraq be better of with Saddam in control:
20% believe Iraq would be "Better Off", 59% believe it would be
"Worse Off"

95% celebrate Christmas, and 58% believe Christian Christmas symbols to be under "greater attack" then last year, while 13% said less, 15% responded the same, and 15% don't know.

Having run out of letters in the Roman alphabet, meteorologists turn to Greek as Hurricane Epsilon tears up the Atlantic.

Bush Welcomes Good News on Economy


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