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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Butler's Views On Taxes and Economic Growth


Our goal should be a single flat rate that is as low as possible, but any changes that reduce the rates and number of rates is making progress and will produce economic growth. We should greatly simplify the tax code. We need a United States Senator who supports lowering the tax burden on working families and American business. I believe the following should be our goals when changing the tax structure.

Our tax code should be pro-growth. It should reward entrepreneurs, and it should give families incentives to save and invest.

Corporate taxes should be lowered, to enable American businesses to better compete in the global economy and keep working men and women of America employed and well paid.

Our tax code should be greatly simplified and shortened. I believe we should take radical steps to adopt a flatter, fairer tax policy. Taxpayers spend too much time preparing annual tax forms.

The law should allow exemptions only for the following:

  • For children (because children are a valuable resource)

  • For elderly dependents (because caretakers should be compensated)

  • For college students (to incentivize higher education)

  • For military service (because of the personal sacrifice)

  • For home mortgages (to encourage home ownership)

  • For charitable giving (because non-profit organizations are doing essential work deserving of support)

  • Senator Stabenow was opposed to President Bush's tax cuts and now she is opposed to the extension of those cuts. Her tax policy is the wrong prescription for America's economy.

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