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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I finished watching President Bush's State of the Union address just now, and I'll post the transcript later in case anybody can't find it.

While his speech was refreshing and (perhaps overly?) optimistic, it honestly left me a bit disappointed. Now, I know that the President needs to rally people to his side, but the Big Government solutions I keep hearing bother me to no end. I'd like to see some of the fresh, staunch conservativism that elected him to office.

For a decade and a half, Washington's answer to every problem was to increase the size or scope of government. Let's decrease it for a change, and cut through the endless, wasteful, and truly inexcusable bureaucracy that has developed!

The bottom line, is that I support my President, and I recognize the need to make concessions in politics, but I just wish he wouldn't make quite so many.

UPDATE: Transcript of President Bush's 2006 SoTU


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