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Monday, March 13, 2006

Guest Editorial: Saul Anuzis

Straw Poll: 2008 GOP Candidates

Funny thing happened in Memphis….folks are really fired up. As the Democrats continue to fall all over themselves, offering no solutions and only obstructionist politics…. Republicans are gearing up for both 2006 an 2008 elections.

I included the results of the the straw poll held in Memphis below…and the same night another straw poll was held in Livingston County. The big surprise by most pundits in Memphis was how well Mitt Romney did….while many speculated the John McCain cut a deal with Haley Barbour and Trent Lott to form some alliance.

Senator McCain remained the presumed front runner by most political pundits as they analyzed the results, even though he didn’t do that well in the polls…and he did ask his supporters to write in President Bush.

Bill Frist did what he had to do….won the poll in his home state, but by more significant margins than many expected. He spent the few days meeting with delegates, introducing his wife and talking about her new bood about fathers and daughters…and laying out an aggressive agenda for the Senate to help define what we as Republicans stand for.

George Allen delivered a very powerful speech. He was well received and as you can see from the polls is at the top of most lists.

However, the overwhelming message and focus of the conference remained 2006. Every possible Presidential contender and every delegate still spent most of their time talking about races for Governor and Senator in 2006. The President clearly has the strong support of grassroots activists, the visiting Governors were excited about their prospects for 2006….and Michigan was on EVERYBODY’s radar screen.

I had a chance to talk to many U.S. Senators that were interested in coming to Michigan to help with our race. They think we have a good chance to win and one of them mentioned “Ms. Stabenow is not serving your state very well” and ask what folks in Michigan thought. I said we AGREED completely. Again, optimistic….yet realistic that it is a tough road to hoe.

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Chris Matthews on Hardball last night. They asked about the Presidential poll and what I thought it meant for Michigan. I said at this time I thought McCain and Romney had made significant progress and had strong historical ties that clearly make them the front runners. However, at the same time Senators Allen, Brownback and Frist had been making the rounds in Michigan and we would have a competetive race. It was exciting and a bit nerve racking – a much tougher job than I imagined – pressure packed…but I enjoyed it.

The bottom line is this….things are lining up with the stars in Michigan for 2006 and we have a very strong field of potential Presidential candidates lining up for 2008. Republicans have every right to be optimistic and fired up!!!

Now we have to get down to work….


Blogger Republican Michigander said...

Here was our poll results from the Livingston County event. Pence had my vote.

1. Governor Mitt Romney – 24.74%
2. Senator John McCain – 18.56%
3. Senator George Allen – 17.53%
4. Congressman Mike Pence – 14.43%
5. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich – 11.34%
6. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani – 10.30%
7. Congressman Tom Tancredo – 1.03%

Write in:
Secretary Condoleezza Rice – 1.03%
Senator Sam Brownback – 1.03%

March 14, 2006 3:36 PM  

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