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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pray for Our Brave Brothers and Sisters

(Information Provided By the China Aid Association)

The first trial of the 17 top leaders from a Chinese religious group ended March 3rd, after three-and-a-half days. Inhumane torture, including sexual abuse, was revealed by some defendants during the court trial. CAA learned from a government source that only one relative of each of the 17 defendants was allowed to attend the hearing. One defendant, Mr. Xu, immediately revoked his so-called "confession papers" as soon as the court finished reading the prosecutors interrogation records. He said the listed confessions were signed under enormous torture, when "I would rather die than live." He was hung in the air for five hours after sleep deprivation for five days and nights. Some self-claimed "torture experts" tied his fingers, toes and genitals with wire and then connected the wire to electricity. One defendant was hung in the air with a very thick blanket and then electrified after he got extremely wet. Mr. Xu's daughter, Ms. Xu Baiyin, described her father as "calm and peaceful." "In his final remark, he urged everyone in the court to believe in Jesus; otherwise, they will one day face eternal judgments in heaven. He also urged his children to continue to follow Christ without fear." Government sources have said Xu and at least three co-defendants will be sentenced to death.

Give thanks to God for these faithful followers of Jesus who are trusting in His power to sustain them. Pray that as Christians around the world petition the Chinese government and lift these believers in fervent prayer, God will have mercy on them, not only sparing their lives, but also releasing them from further prison time. Pray their witness of calm peace will move the hearts of all who watched them during this trial and authorities will come to know the One who is seeking them before it is too late.


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