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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

China to Undermine International Pressure Against Iran

Read Article- Courtesy of the Heritage Foundation

    How does one say “double-dealing” in Chinese?* Last weekend, Chinese assistant foreign minister Cui Tiankai visited Teheran for the ostensible purpose of expressing concern over Iran’s announcement that it is enriching uranium. But Minister Cui’s mission was more likely designed to bolster China’s security relationship with Iran.

    On April 13, the day before Cui departed for Iran, the Chinese Communist Party’s official mouthpiece, People’s Daily, published a commentary that asserted “the real intention behind the US fueling the Iran issue is to prompt the UN to impose sanctions against Iran, and to pave the way for a regime change in that country. The US's global strategy and its Iran policy emanate out of its decision to use various means, including military means, to change the Iranian regime.”[1] Also on April 15, China’s Xinhua news agency announced that Iran had been invited to join the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization,” China’s trade and military alliance framework with Russia and its Central Asian neighbors.[2] China’s purpose is to undermine any leverage the international community may have over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

According to the latest estimates, in two years Iran will have fully functional atomic bombs. With the UN being as it is, there then is no hope that diplomatic efforts will resolve the situation on time, and China's attempts to undermine international pressure only inflame the situation.

We cannot ever allow Iran to develop nuclear weaponry- to do so would be to seal the fate of millions of souls in some US city. No other country has the resolve and capability to strike Iran. As much as I fear the continuing escalation, I hope the Bush administration is prepared to take the action that will likely be needed.

When there is no one else, it is up to you to get the job done.

America must rise up and prepare itself- steeled in the face the great evil we must confront.


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