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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Political Abduction?

Huh. Apparently the liberals are hyperventalating over this already.

ALEXANDRIA, VA. (AP) -- An editorial writer for the Alexandria Intelligencer, Carl Bury, was reportedly arrested by federal agents last night. Neighbors say they were awakened by shouting around midnight as Bury was taken away in an unmarked van. The men apprehending Bury identified themselves as being "government" agents and left before neighbors could question them further.

The staff at the Alexandria Intelligencer say they have been unable to learn what has happened to Bury, other than being told by police that it is a federal matter. Bury had often written controversial editorials denouncing the Bush administration as illegal and alleging that there is proof that President Bush knew about the September 11th terrorist attacks beforehand. Bury has no criminal record, and the local police are not aware of the reason for his arrest.

The White House has yet to respond to this matter.


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