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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random Thought of the Day: The Nature of Infinity

In their desperate search for alternatives to the biblical message of creation, many atheists are forced to wild contortions of logic in face of the sheer implausibility of naturalistic evolution. Two common arguments base their premise on a false understanding of infinity.

A Room Full of Monkeys

This arguments states that though the chances of evolution are extremely low, given an infinite (or a practically infinite) amount of time, chemicals were bound to coalesce in some manner that could then produce life. Who hasn’t heard the phrase: “if you fill a room full of monkeys and typewriters, eventually they will produce the Bible” ? While this argument is problematic for many reasons, one fatal (and often overlooked) flaw is that it is possible to have infinite variance without achieving every potentiality. In other words, the monkeys could type an infinite number of manuscripts simply by varying the number of spaces between the letters “I” and “N,” and never produce a Bible. In fact, when one considers the fact that there are an infinite amount of infinitely variable variables (sorry for the headaches), it would be shocking if they ever produced anything of meaning.

This argument extends to chemistry, where it would be possible to have an infinitely varied set of chemicals without ever achieving a single strand of amino or nucleic acid. And indeed, these are the combinations we see in nature- crystals- chemicals that have an infinite amount of separate possible combinations without ever varying in the type of chemical produced.

Infinite Universes

Faced with the evidence for fine-tuning in the universe and trying to avoid resorting to some sort of Anthropic Principle, some scientists have taken a leap of faith and proposed different versions of the “many universes” hypothesis, suggesting that if there were an infinite amount of universes, one of them would have to support life.

But again, they fail to realize it is possible have infinite variance without achieving every potentiality.

In one universe, the strong force could be 1; in another, .1; in another.01; in another .001; and so on to infinity, without ever being the value necessary to keep atomic nuclei from exploding. This variance can be demonstrated for nearly any variable- be it a force, the composition of the universe, or the position of the Earth from the sun.

In short, “infinite” is not the same as “every,” and the atheists have lost yet another place of refuge from the irrefutable truth of God.

P.S.: If anyone can think of a more elegant or simpler way to state this argument, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S.: If anyone can think of a more elegant or simpler way to state this argument, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

Okay, you're a total fool. How's that for elegant and simple?

November 08, 2006 5:56 AM  
Blogger Daniel Christianson said...

I was going for intelligent and short, not stupid, empty and crass. Thanks for bringing the level of dialogue down; you liberals seem to have a natural affinity for it.

November 16, 2006 12:48 AM  

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