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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Open Season on Kids

Yates Found Innocent By Reason of Insanity

Attention all mothers:

You may now murder your children- and get away with it for that matter- just as long as you can convince the jury that it was a case of the baby blues that made you hunt down your fleeing children and drown them, one by one, in the bathtub where you once reminded them to scrub behind their ears.

That's the net effect of the verdict issued in the Andrea Yates murder case.

And despite its horror, there is even a greater issue at stake here.

The liberal's argument has been that because outside factors influenced Yates, she cannot be held accountable for her actions. But, since liberals believe man is only a byproduct of matter, energy, time, and chance, they must then believe that outside factors always determine man’s actions. This has been their argument going all the way back to the Twinkie defense of the 1970's. And if we allow the base principle at play here-determinism- even one foothold within our courts, it will spread and destroy every shred of justice, law, and decency within our nation.

That is what began decades ago, and that is what we are reading about today.

That is why Christians in this county need to stand for their beliefs- for their worldview- because it is the only one that can provide for freewill, and thus the only one that can allow for Justice.


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