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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

World May Sue Over Global Warming

As world warms, legal battles loom- Reuters

    "OSLO (Reuters) - Heatwaves, droughts and rising seas are likely to spur a spate of hard-to-prove lawsuits in the 21st century as victims seek to blame governments and companies for global warming, experts say.

    Pacific islanders might sue to try to prevent their low-lying atolls from vanishing under the waves, African farmers could seek redress for crop failures or owners of ski resorts in the Alps might seek compensation for a lack of snow.

    "If the evidence (that humans are warming the globe) hardens up, as it may well do, then it has all the ingredients of the tobacco case," said Myles Allen, of the physics department of the University of Oxford in Britain. "

This is yet another why it is so dangerous to continue to feed the world's obsession with tort.

Suggested Reading:Hillsdale Imprimis-The Threat From Lawyers is No Joke, by Walter Olson


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