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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Suburban Voice is Back!

"Out of some frustration for not getting our Letters to the Editor published in the paper, Russ Spencer asked Matthew Cragg to revive a project he was working on with our beloved Jon Linn. Jon was the V.P. of our Livingston County Republican Executive Committee until he lost his battle with colon cancer at a very young age. Matt and Jon created an internet publication called "The Surburban Voice". It is there to accept your articles on the issues. Please visit the site, and feel free to leave a comment or submit an article for publication. It is a conservative publication and you may submit articles on current topics. (election results comments, current events, wars, taxes, government, etc.)
"Visit the site at : www.suburbanvoice.com
"You will find it a friendly, and widely read audience for your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and suggestions. We cannot be silenced. Happy reading and writing." - Community Activist


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