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Friday, January 12, 2007

A Creed for Multi-Generational Faithfulness

I agree with this article (cross-posted from a friend) with all my heart. Perhaps the only demographic trend in our favor is that conservatives are having all the children, and if we are to have any chance at redeeming our culture, we must pass our passion and principles to our children.


A creed is a statement of what you can trust someone to

believe and practice. Here's a short list of some of the
deeply held beliefs that compel our team:

1. We begin with God's Word, the river of life that nourishes
our souls and allows us to bear fruit. God made us and gifted
us to achieve His will, so we are passionate about discovering
and living out our God-given design.

2. We live in truly significant times. Every action counts for
something, whether good or ill. We intentionally disciple the
next generation, teaching out of our failures as well as our
successes. Our goal is not perfection, but worship of God.

3. True wisdom is only passed down through authentic life-
on-life discipleship. Discipleship is not a burden to carry,
but a gift to give away. We seek to disciple naturally by
discovering and teaching how to live rightly.

4. The race of life is a relay. We only win by purposefully
passing the baton to the next generation. Starting with our
own children, we will pass the baton of faithfulness to the
next generation.

5. Mass media, mass education and mass marketing have the
effect of disintegrating society by age, cultural background,
and economic status. We counter this by seeking to live
eternal truth across the life span and along life's journey.

6. We will not put personal peace and affluence ahead of our
relationships with our children, neighbors and communities.
Rather than craving other people's possessions and gifts, we
trust God to lift us up in due season.

7. We reject "formulas" in favor of "walking with" those we
influence. We commit to abiding, not striving. We act by God's
grace, and we surrender the outcome to Him. We seek margin to
live better and model putting first things first.

We are compelled to do these things in how we teach and how
we live, that our children will put their hope in God (Deut.
6, Psalm 78).

This is what it means to be a passer of the baton.

Jeff Myers, Ph.D.
for the team of the Myers Institute, LLC and Passing the
Baton International, Inc.


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