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Thursday, March 22, 2007

German Homeschool Parents Arrested, Children Sent into State Custody, Psychiatric Ward

Parents Say Nazi's Have Returned

In what is perhaps the most horrifying news I’ve heard from the Future-That-Is laying across the Atlantic, German police have arrested groups of homeschooling parents, seizing their children and, in several instances, committing the older children (probably too old to be destroyed by the social system alone) to psychiatric ward.
“The judge had concluded that the children were well-educated, but accused the parents of failing to provide their children with an education in a public school. The court noted that one of the daughters expressed the same opinions as her father, showing they have not had the chance to develop "independent" personalities.”
From Blogger Sheila Lange:
For those of you who have teenagers who actually like you, maybe even listen to you...stay out of Germany. That is considered highly suspicious and indicative of an unhealthy relationship.

I also had news this weekend of another family, with whom I've had off-and-on e-mail contact over the years, who fled Germany with three suitcases, leaving behind everything else. They're now in the process of emigrating to Canada. In the meantime, the authorities are pestering their relatives in Germany as to their whereabouts. I won't write more about them here, in case that could compromise them.
Again, from Sheila Lange, in a separate post:
The teen was taken to the Child Psychiatry Unit and interrogated for nearly four hours, after which she was returned home, the Netzwerk said. However, the worst was still to come.
On Thursday, the Family Court judge, staff members of the Youth Welfare Office, and 15 police officers "marched up to the Busekros home, to haul Melissa off to the Child Psychiatry Unit."

"This treatment was justified by the psychiatrist's finding, two days previously, that she was supposedly developmentally delayed by one year and that she suffered from school phobia," the Netzwerk said.

"It is not known when Melissa's parents and siblings will be able to see her again, as the official approach in cases of 'school phobia' is to completely prevent the 'patient' from having any contact with those closest to him or her, as such contact supposedly enables the phobia," the Netzwerk said.

Such issues are alarming U.S. homeschool leaders. [And well they should!]

Michael Farris, cofounder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, has called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the right of parents to educate their children at home, in light of such developments in Europe.

One of his major concerns is that if the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a plan already accepted as law by many nations around the globe, were ratified by the Senate or adopted by the federal courts as enforceable international law, American homeschooling could be banned.

A homeschool advocate in Germany earlier wrote to WND that, "We are not far away from an intolerant dictatorship in our country. Parental rights are more and more abolished. If you do not the way the state wants, to so-called Jugendamt (youth welfare office) is quickly to check out if they can take away the custody of your children.
From WND:
“A few weeks ago, HSLDA [Home School Legal Defense Association] reports, a German homeschool family escaped to Central America under threat of a judge who wanted to take custody of the couple's school-aged child. A social worker helped the family escape by warning them of the judge's intent and delaying the paperwork needed for the seizure.”

HSLDA helped start an advocacy organization for homeschoolers in Germany, School Instruction at Home, and is encouraging Americans to donate to the German group to help in its battle for the rights of families there.

"Many homeschoolers in the United States have forgotten the terror of being taken to jail for exercising their God-given responsibility to homeschool," HSLDA said. "We have been able to legalize homeschooling in all 50 states. … But our freedom to homeschool was not free. Many families had to sacrifice in order to legalize homeschooling in the 1980s and '90s.

"German homeschoolers are facing this battle right now. It is vital that we in America, who have been given so much, rally around these families and lift up the homeschooling movement in Germany."

When a nation gets to the point where armed police can burst into your home, take away your children, commit the older ones to an asylum, deprive you of your financial livelihood, and throw you helpless in prison, all because you did not wish to submit your children to mandatory state education that nation is no longer free! And in a matter of years, I’m sure you can forget fleeing the country via the highways. Every major German autobahn is monitored by automatic camera systems. The feed is sent to officers posted every few miles on the road, and if speeding or illegal behavior (i.e., inappropriate gestures) are detected, police are dispatched. How easy would it be, to either distribute the pictures of wanted families to those officers, or to enable the camera system to automatically match the faces and drivers license plates against a database? Again, this system is already in place. I know this may seem like paranoia, but you must realize that in Germany, homeschooling is considered a true crime, and it is logical for the authoritarian German government to take the measures needed to apprehend their fugitives.

Hitler's decrees are still on the books: "Home-schooling has been illegal in Germany since Adolf Hitler outlawed it in 1938 and ordered all children to be sent to state schools." (Ref.)

We American’s must learn to tremble and take heed-- to abandon our cavalier, complacent, head-in-the-sand attitude. Freedom, arduously gained though deliberate effort, is easily lost through heedless apathy.

Just today, as I sat in the waiting room of the dentists office, I read an article in the US News and World Report entitled: “What We Have to Learn from the Rest of the World,” praising the European models of education, particularly mandatory sex education for all children regardless of parental objections. This is the view espoused at every waiting room, at every newsstand, at every bookrack and classroom and news anchor’s desk across the country, and the necessary individuals and organizations are in place to make it happen.

We must, in prayer and deliberation, refuse to let them!

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For more information on the home schooling situation in Germany and history, visit the HSLDA’s web site.


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