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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

House To Pass Gay Rights Bill Disguised as School Bullying Legislation

Dear Readers,

I'm passing along some urgent information for Michigan residents. I'm sure readers of my blog know the destructive consequences I witnessed when my High School decided to play politics and push the radical homosexual agenda on the students. Unfortunately, the Michigan Legislature is about to force all schools to do just that.
Please read the attached information and take just a minute of your time to zip this note off to Representative Tim Melton, Member of House Education Committee. I agree with Mr. Gary Glenn that legislation should not practice identity politics, but should protect all children. We cannot allow this. PLEASE take just a moment to let your voice be heard. (example letter below).
"In sum, this legislation presupposes that local school officials and parents are either too uncaring or too incompetent to protect the children entrusted to their care, absent a mandate by the Legislature. This presupposition, we believe, is false."

"If lack of action by local schools and parents is so grievous and widespread that a state mandate is the only solution, we respectfully suggest that you mandate the protection of ALL students from bullying regardless of the personal or behavioral characteristics of the victim and avoid entirely the segregated categories approach proposed by these bills. Protecting all students, not practicing identity politics, should be the aim."
Daniel Christianson



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