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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An Easter Epistle

Below is a letter emailed to Hillsdale's Christian Fellowship group, with which I heartily I agree (yes, I know it isn't really an epistle then, English major's).

Hillsdaliens -

In this Easter week, with just a few weeks left until graduation, I wanted to share a few thoughts about campus ministry. In conversations with other seniors, I have sensed that this is on many minds.

Over the time we are here at college, as we realize every day, there is only enough time to do a few things. There are books to read, and a paper is due next Tuesday, and the meeting is about to begin, and the agnostic classmate wants to chat about faith. Often, when the day has gone by, it seems that there is too much going on to be a fulltime Christian and a Hillsdale College student at the same time. But it need not seem that way, because we're called to live out our faith wherever God has called us.

We grow up here together, and there isn't much of an exception. Even if one determines to shut himself beyond a dorm door, he must encounter his roommate and Steve Casai every day. The most introverted and retiring person on the campus still has a presence and still makes a difference. God gives us each a little sphere of influence, and a few moments, and some people of all varieties with whom to relate, and His Word that the Cross is our hope.

When we accept that hope-the message of Easter-our relationships can be full. The Christian movement is a fellowship of souls who understand themselves bound in an eternal covenant with the Living God, through Jesus Christ.

It isn't by chance that we have gotten to know people in the dorm and classroom, the fraternity or sorority, the team or club, at Saga or the snackbar. In all of these things we may be witnesses. Of course, we ought to live by example. But sometimes we need to talk about our faith, not because we can save people with just the right words or because we have a tally to reach. We need to talk about Jesus because the grave could not hold Him on Easter. That means something so great that we would be speechless were it not for the fact that God wants us to relate to others the Good News. He gives us a few minutes to do that.

In the moments remaining at Hillsdale, it will be my personal struggle to "declare what He has done for my soul" (Psalm 66:16).



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