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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gingrich vs. Kerry Debate

The Greening of Gingrich-- Read Article

Global Warming Debate Notes
Senator John Kerry v. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich
Russell Senate Office Building
-- Christine Lamech Reporting
- Cited scientific "facts" to support global warming (ex: measurement of ice cores, melting icebergs, etc.)
- Wanted to use government law to speed up technological advances to combat global warming.
- After advocating tyrannical litigation to save the planet, he claimed that enterprising companies such as GE, Wal-Mart, and IBM are crying for limits to be placed on their industries to produce change. However, the flaw of his argument is that these companies have already taken the initiative to operate "greener" without Big Brother breathing down their necks.
- Kerry spoke of humans having "a moral obligation" to save species from extinction caused by global warming (Claimed it is part of God's plan). [Daniel: If there is a God, Kerry has bigger things to worry about...]
- Argued that the core of this debate is about the urgency of solving the global warming problem.
- Claimed that government stepping in worked when he was a lieutenant governor ( Keep in mind, he continually talked about the successes of the state, not federal.)
- In his defense, he stated that he wants to grant incentives to innovative companies just like Gingrich does.
- Summing up, questioned what the world would lose if global warming wasn't real, but we'd prepare for it anyway. Answered that the world would be healthier, have more jobs with the government caps on carbon, emissions, etc. [Daniel: Right... wasting billions of dollars on half-baked pseudo-science would be great for the economy. Sounds like the same Keynesian economic nonsense the created the Great Depression.]

- Wanted the free market to answer the global warming problem, not bureaucracy. (faster)
- Appeared to acknowledge that there is something to global warming (Kerry was quick to jump on this as a flip-flop from his earlier statements on his skepticism of global warming.) [Daniel: Yes, Kerry certainly would be one to know a flip-flop].
- Believed in making "being green" appealing to companies by offering incentives to industries. [Daniel: Incentives? What happened to the free market?]
- Briefly cited disastrous results of cap and trades in Europe ( I admit my ignorance in this area.)
- Argued that the core of this debate is bureaucracy v. free market against global warming. [Daniel: Sure,if global warming is real, if it's harmful, if it's caused by humans, if it's worth the cost of reversing, if...]
-Pointed out how global warming is used as an "emotional tool" against conservatives.
- At one point in discussion, he called himself a Theodore Roosevelt Republican [Daniel: We can cross him of the list of potential '08 conservatives...]
- Warned against giving the government so much power over business and free trade. He asked where the government control would stop.
- Assured the audience of his love of the environment, but reiterated his stance against big government.


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