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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In the News

McCain-Feingold, Gun-Free Zones, the Death of Yeltsin, and the Implications of the Virginia Tech Massacre

Mitt Romney: The Fundamental Flaws in the McCain-Feingold Law

Ashley Herzog: Gun Free Zones
I’m sick of liberals using shooting massacres to advance their baseless theories on gun control. If Monday’s massacre at Virginia Tech University proved anything, it was that current gun laws do nothing to stop deranged killers, while leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless. Yet, every time a mass killing takes place, police barely have time to get an accurate body count before liberals start issuing hysterical demands for a ban on guns.

Dr. Paul Kengor: Boris Yeltsin and the Horror House

Fred Thompson: Black and White Decisions
When the first two shootings took place earlier in the day, the university decided to go on with business as usual. After the fact, critics are saying there should have been a campus-wide lockdown. But that reasoning frames the administration's decision in "top-down" terms -- the authorities making decisions for the people instead of letting the people make decisions for themselves.

At the very least, everyone should have known that a double homicide had taken place and that the killer's whereabouts were unknown, so that every individual could have decided what was the appropriate response to that kind of danger. There are various technologies that could have been used to get that information out, from mass e-mails and automated phone calls to instant messaging.

This lesson should be applied to homeland security, and now more than ever. Al Qaeda, intelligence sources are reporting, is intensifying efforts to strike Western targets. The West is going to be facing this problem for a long time to come.


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