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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pro-Life News Alert- UPDATE II

UPDATE II Received message:
Okay, so I know there has been some confusion and delays regarding when Lila will be on O'Reilly, but this is now CONFIRMED and FINAL as of weds morning at 10am:

Lila will be on the O'Reilly Factor at 5pm AND 8pm (same show played twice) PST on THURSDAY MAY 17! Not wedensday, and not tuesday, but THURSDAY.

So watch fox news (www.foxnews.com) and watch Lila on the O'Reilly Factor along with literally MILLIONS of others.

Jimmy Dunn
Live Action Vice President

UPDATE: Video Here (courtesy of Conservapedia): [5]
Cease and Desist Letter Here: [6]

I just received the following invitation to watch the O'Reilly show tomorrow night. Wait till you hear what it's about:

Attention: O'Reilly is sick and could not do the show today. Provided that O'Reilly's health improves, Lila will be interviewed tomorrow (May 16) and the show will be aired at 5 PST. We will send out a message when we know whether Lila will definitely be on the show tomorrow or not.

Who: Lila Rose, President of Live Action Bruins, editor in chief of "The Advocate."

What: Find out why Planned Parenthood issued a cease and desist for recording an employee advising a minor to lie about her age in order to get an abortion without having to report the rape. Lila posted the video on Youtube and was forced to take it down. This will only bring more attention to a grave and serious matter facing our country: federally funded Planned Parenthood's illegal practices/abusing vulnerable young women in favor of protecting rapists and pedophiles.

Where: The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel (Channel 60)

When: Wednesday, FIVE (5PM) PACIFIC and then again at 8!

I found a story on it here, here, here, and here.

Please pray for her, and that God would use her story to force people to realize the evil of abortion.


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