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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Arizona to Record DNA for all Arrested, Not Just Those Convicted

Yet another step forward to the Brave New World of Post-Christian America.

But Daniel, this measure will make it easier to track those who break the government's laws!

So would putting a camera in every home.

But we shouldn't do that!

Given your logic, why not?


Via: Arizona Republic:

State lawmakers voted Tuesday to expand the state’s DNA database dramatically by requiring all people arrested for certain crimes to provide DNA samples for state records whether they are convicted or not.

Conservative and liberal lawmakers alike raised alarms that the measure would violate the civil liberties of people never convicted of a crime and set a dangerous precedent for government collection of sensitive genetic information.

“I think it is egregious,” Rep. Eddie Farnsworth, a conservative Republican from Gilbert and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said on the House floor Tuesday. “It tramples on the liberties and freedom of the people.”

Supporters say the move provides an expanded crime-solving tool for law enforcement and compared taking a DNA sample to taking a mug shot or fingerprints at the time of arrest. Current law requires DNA samples only after a person is convicted of certain felonies.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, called it a “radical change” in law that would disproportionately affect minorities and presume everyone arrested is guilty.

“I believe this is a very, very scary step toward a Big Brother state,” she said on the House floor.


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