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Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't Get Too Depressed--

The News Is Here

Al Qaida suspects sue Boeing, with ACLU's help:

When are these moronic, piddling (rant snipped) fools going to wake up and realize that America is the last thing standing between the free world and those who would unleash an age darker that that witnessed after the collapse of Rome? (At least we had the Church then...) And Boeing is the last company that keeps America from having to go crawling the Chinese and Europeans to sustain our air superiority. Some superiority that would be, if they can just stop shipments of planes and replacement parts. And why are the Red's afraid of us? Because of our air superiority-- the only thing besides nuclear subs-- obviously last resort-- keeps them from sending their brainwashed masses right up to our shores, if not further.

Effects are linked to causes. Immoral and idiotic actions have repercussions that radiate outward, but inevitably bounce back to harm to fool at fault. Sorry for the rant. I've just had enough of this nonsense.

I pray we all have.

"We need to be guardians of all that we hold dear, or else we risk losing it all. We must fight for what is right and just. We must be the change, or we will be changed ourselves." --Christine Lamech

A Real Conservative?* Fred Thompson Forms Presidential Committee

And the curtain continues to fall: Police Seize Drafts of Books on Putin

People May Be Arbitrarily Stopped and Searched by Police in All of London:
Normally, I wouldn't be worried about this. But considering the lack of guns, the ubiquitous surveillance, the near-complete dissolution of Christian values, the increasingly brazen, unassimilating Islamo-fascist barrios were Sharia law is the law, and the police state Britain is rapidly starting to become...

Gay Conjugal Visists for Druggies OK'd in the People's Republic of Kalifornia

Jack Kevorkian Released: After spending about eight years in prison after his 1999 murder conviction, Dr. Jack Kevorkian was released this morning on parole. He has stated he plans to spend his time speaking publicly about assisted suicide. Read more about the history of Kevorkian and assisted suicide at the Michigan Right to Life website and the Washington Post.

*I'll probably vote for Brownback, but I'm not sure.


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