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Monday, June 04, 2007

Putin Threatens to Nuke Europe

News from the Other Side of the Iron Curtain

****Profanity Warning****

Russia to Target European Cities

Russia Threatens Return To Cold War Stance

Russian Presidential Candidate:'Kick Russia out of G8'

Putin: Litvinenko [Murderer of Alexander Litvinenko] extradition demand "foolish"

Britain says Russia must decide on relationship with Europe

Presidential term may be extended 5-7 years in Russia : Putin

Putin says Russia lost patience with private oil companies

Russia will "cut off" US missile shield

No end to Russia-Japan Territorial Dispute

Wary over weapons in the shadow of Russia

India, Russia to sign arms deal

"The bastards got me...they won't get us all."* Those were the last words of Alexander Litvinenko, murdered by the Kremlin because he dared to take a stand for freedom. As we Americans watch the Iron Curtain descend for a second time from the other side of the globe, we must not turn a blind eye toward Putin's opprobrious manipulation of
the international community and his own Russian citizens . Yes, we are concerned for our own liberty, but surely allowing Putin and his cohorts to tighten their fist over the Russian people could never aid our cause; history shows that madmen are never truly appeased. Evil is evil, and must be confronted.

I am not advocated military intervention, but there are many other ways to discourage that tyrant (trade sanctions, prayer, diplomatic censure, maneuvering to thwart Russia's influence abroad, etc.). Certainly, we must develop the ICBM defense shield now more than ever, if only to avoid cow-towing to Putin's demands.

Andrei Illarionov, former Chief Economic Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, spoke at Hillsdale College, my school, a few months ago, wherein he chronicled the slow and deliberate
theft of Russia's freedom. His testimony is available here.

Pray, folks. We live in an increasingly desperate world.

*I am very sorry to have profanity on my page (I believe this is the first time I ever have), but it would not do to alter this man's final testimony.


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