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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bloomberg Now Wants to Outlaw Squirtguns!

Or so it would appear, judging by his reaction to the inventor of "Streetwars," a game of sorts in which participants 18 and up compete to "assassinate" other competitors by getting them wet.

But the game we all played in the neighborhoods as children has a more sinister side, according to Bloomberg. "He [the creator of Streetwars] could use some psychiatric help...we'll try to arrange that", Bloomberg told reporters. " It's not something that is appropriate on the streets of this city."

Mr. Bloomberg, I think there's quite a few fifth-graders who would disagree.

Perhaps Bloomberg would support forcing all prospective squirtgun owners to undergo psychiatric evaluation, but if you ask me, I cannot help but question the Mayor's own sanity.

Driven to the edge by their deterministic worldview, liberal politicians like Bloomberg are forced to attribute violence not to the evil within the hearts of criminals, but to all the harmless inanimate objects around us. They fear our frippery in a fashion that is nothing less than paranoid.

We see this most clearly with liberals' obsessive-compulsive hatred of firearms-- and it is no coincidence that Mayor Bloomberg is leading the charge to ravish our Second Amendment rights. Blind to the existence of true evil, he assaults the rights of those he is put in office to protect, while criminals side-step the punches backed by the force of law and rejoice that their victims are left defenseless.

Mothers, guard your children carefully. After all, if adults cannot be trusted with squirtguns, then certainly we must protect our innocent young from their destabilizing influence.

God save us.

Read the story here.


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