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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Putin Runs Sex Camps Designed to Impregnate Russian Girls

Photo Courtesy of the DailyMail

Via the DailyMail

In what is perhaps the most disturbing news to make it out of Russia over the past few months, Putin is establishing vast camps of jugend with the stated goal of getting young single girls (really, any girls) pregnant.

Remember the mammoths, say the clean-cut organisers at the youth camp's mass wedding. "They became extinct because they did not have enough sex. That must not happen to Russia".

Obediently, couples move to a special section of dormitory tents arranged in a heart-shape and called the Love Oasis, where they can start procreating for the motherland.

With its relentlessly upbeat tone, bizarre ideas and tight control, it sounds like a weird indoctrination session for a phoney religious cult.

But this organisation - known as "Nashi", meaning "Ours" - is youth movement run by Vladimir Putin's Kremlin that has become a central part of Russian political life.

No consideration is given to moral standards, STD’s, or the appalling consequences of raising a generation of children without so much as the name of their father.

But, as desperate as the situation may be, there is an even more sinister side to the Nashi:

The idea that Russia's anarchic, apathetic youth would ever be attracted into a disciplined mass movement in support of their president - what critics called a "Putinjugend", recalling the "Hitlerjugend" (German for "Hitler Youth") - seemed fanciful.

How wrong we were. Life for young people in Russia without connections is a mixture of inadequate and corrupt education, and a choice of boring dead-end jobs. Like the Hitler Youth and the Soviet Union's Young Pioneers, Nashi and its allied movements offer not just excitement, friendship and a sense of purpose - but a leg up in life, too.

Nashi's senior officials - known, in an eerie echo of the Soviet era, as "Commissars" - get free places at top universities. Thereafter, they can expect good jobs in politics or business - which in Russia nowadays, under the Kremlin's crony “capitalism,” are increasingly the same thing.

I’ve said for months that Russians have lost their freedom, perhaps for a very long time. But like many, I never really thought Putin and his cronies possessed the skill to manipulate their people as skillfully as they have. Westerners reading this article may be tempted to shrug off Nashi as a bunch of teenagers using an excuse to hook up, comparing it to the anti-establishment sexual liberation of the sixties. But therein lies the difference. In the sixties, when students acted this way, it was against the condemnation of the greater culture. But in Russia, the “establishment”—the government itself—imposes this sort of foolery. It truly is a page out of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

By organizing these brigades of youth "storm troopers," Putin hopes to disrupt any major demonstrations which may develop in the future. Already, according to the article in the Telegraph, two outsiders who attempted to infiltrate a meeting of the Nashi have been beaten up:

Andrei Pointkowsky, director of the Centre for Strategic Studies, said: "Putin is behind this. Scared by the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Kremlin is trying to form a Putin Jugend to suppress future opposition.

"Putin has had a catastrophic loss of authority. People are finally beginning to realise that the emperor has no clothes." Ilya Yashin, youth leader of the opposition party Yabloko and one of the two liberals who gatecrashed the conference, said: "Our apprehensions about the Kremlin's intentions to form assault units to fight the opposition have been confirmed. Under the Nashi slogan the Kremlin is forming brigades of storm-troopers so that they can use force against the opposition."

Mr Yashin gave two examples where opposition activists were beaten by unknown assailants with shaved heads after attending anti-government rallies.

This more than irresponsible. It is more than strange. It is sinister—it is starkly frightening.

Russia may be on the outskirts of the west, but it is not the only country with pessimistic demographic trends. Russians are not the only people whose natural rights are threatened by an increasingly controlling government no longer setting its course by any manner of a moral compass.

If there is one thing history has taught us, it is that evil can never be ignored for long. It cannot be left alone. It will either be confronted with all the force and integrity of brave, good men, or it will spread until it ravages our homes and slips the yoke of tyranny on the shoulders ourselves and our posterity.

The following except is from Ronald Reagan, when he spoke at my college years ago:

I know a lady, who, twice in her life has lost her country. She lost it the first time as a very young woman when, in Czarist Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution occurred and she barely escaped with her life. She came to Cuba, started again from scratch, once again built up a very successful competence, and was doing very well. And this time, as an elderly woman, again, she lost her country at the time Castro took over. Now, losing one's country once would be enough for most of use, I suppose. Losing one's country twice would be enough for the toughest person in the house -- but not for this very indomitable lady. She came to the United States where again she started from scratch and again built up a very successful company.

And now as a very elderly person, I've heard her tell this story on more than one occasion and invariably someone in the audience, when she is finished, will say, "You poor, unlucky woman. How you have suffered. What an ordeal you have been through.” And her answer is always the same: "I, unlucky? Ah, no. I am one of the luckiest women who ever lived. Twice I have lost my country. Twice I have had a country to which I can go. When you Americans lose your country, where will you go?” I've heard her ask the question more than once. I've never heard a convincing answer.

Where will we go? We must wake up, or our nation, like Russia, will become nothing more than a byword and a whispered sigh of false hope—a nation that won the greatest gift of freedom only to give it up for the feed trough and switch tyranny.

People, we live in a world plagued by the effects the Fall. Sin and unchristian thought have effects that echo out far beyond any individual. Actions have consequences. Ideas have consequences. And as Christians we are called to fight evil not only within ourselves, but in our community and the larger world. Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith. And to my fellow Hillsdale students, remember: Virtus Tentanime Guadet.

Virtue Rejoices in the Challenge.

Let’s roll.


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