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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Review of the Democratic Presidential "Debate"

--Christine Lamech Reporting

Ah yes, I had the distinct pleasure of listening to CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate. Watching them discuss issues was like observing fish flopping about in a quickly-drying tide pool. Every question seemed to bring the opportunity for each presidential candidate to say that Washington needs to change. This “change” sure sounds great, but where exactly is this transformation going to take place?

This was the first YouTube debate, which made an interesting combination with the candidates in the spotlight. Questions ranged from asking about action on Darfur to grilling Senator Obama as to whether he is “black enough.” The only person who appeared willing to employ more than diplomacy in Darfur was Senator Biden. Others who half-heartedly agreed with Sen. Biden kept saying that American troops don’t belong in Darfur. They suggested using U.N. troops. I couldn’t help but wonder which country provides the majority of U.N. troops. As for Sen. Obama, I must applaud his ability to dance around questions. His finesse at avoiding the core substance of questions was nearly inspiring.

Stealing more than her share of the limelight was Sen. Clinton. Capitalizing on her “femininity,” Clinton looked simply stunning in a pink blouse and two inches of solid make-up. During one question, Clinton stated she was proud to be running as a woman. She still seemed confident as she assured a voter that she would command respect from Muslim states that view women as second-class citizens. I hope the Muslim states share her sentiments.

There were plenty of other savory tidbits to garner from the debate, coming from nearly across the panel. Sen. Edwards was proud to boast of his work championing universal health care coverage. He didn’t mention one of his courtroom cases in which he channeled a dead girl’s spirit. I’m glad to know that he thinks outside of the box. Sen. Gravel made sure his voice was heard in the debate over having women join the draft. He said that women owe their country just as much as men do and left us with his own question regarding men and women, “What’s the difference?”

Wrapping up, my mind kept drifting back to some of the scintillating questions posed to the candidates. One such question was posed by a girl who asked, “Who was your favorite teacher and why?” However, in all seriousness, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the questions presented. It’s a good sign when you actually see the wheels turning in the candidates’ minds. The problem comes in when the wheels seem to be losing traction in the oppressive slime of politicians being politically correct.

Thanks Christine!


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