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Friday, August 17, 2007

Howell Again Making National News Amidst Liberal Foolery

In an article published August 14, the New York Resident accused, by implication, Howell community leader Vicki Fyke and the LOVE group of "censorship" when they requested that several sexually explicit books be removed from the tenth grade English curriculum. (The article is available here). In making that assertion, the Resident not only echoes the hysterics unleashed against LOVE at the time of the conflict, but reveals its own inability to comprehend the very nature of censorship or of freedom of speech.

Howell parents never suggested that such books should not be allowed to be published or read-- that would be censorship. They simply asked that appropriate, and, dare I say, genuine literature be taught in their children's English class, as opposed to pornographic depictions of oral sex, incest, and child-rape.

It is not censorship to contribute to the educational curriculum of your own children, and it is not freedom of speech when liberal school teachers, entrenched behind countless union and bureaucratic protections, use your own government to undermine your beliefs. In fact, that is the very opposite of freedom of speech.

Liberals like those at the Resident cannot comprehend this because they fail to recognize three more fundamental truths:

1) Property Rights

Because liberals do not believe in property rights, they do not recognize the fact that by funding the public educational system, the public has a right to decide the content of that education. Liberal teachers believe that our money is not our own, that they (liberalspeak= the children) deserve as much of it as they can get their hands on, and that they alone may determine how to spend it (which makes me wonder what happened to the "core democratic value" of "popular sovereignty" that liberals are always raving about). The only way cries of censorship make sense in the recent conflict is if liberals believe teachers have a right to use our tax dollars to expose our children to whatsoever they deem fit-- as, in fact, they do believe. Otherwise, it is simply a case of citizens making an decision on how to spend their own money.

2) Parental Rights

Liberals do not recognize the right of parents to raise their own children. Forget in loco parentis; liberals believe that only the formally indoctrinated-- excuse me, certified-- "professionals" have a right to shape impressionable young minds. This is why they push programs like latch-key, school breakfasts, and HeadStart. Their refusal to recognize the rights of parents is akin to their refusal to recognize the sacred institution of marriage, the humanity of unborn children, or that sexual license is a characteristic of apes, not a civilized society (though, to be fair, most apes are far less promiscuous than many liberals I have known).

3) Freedom of Speech

For some reason, liberals believe that refusing to listen to someone is the same as censoring them. The Dixie Chicks serve as a prominent example of this common liberal folly. The mostly conservative country audience was finally disgusted by their anti-American rhetoric and refused to buy their music. Of course, what do the liberals cry out? Censorship. It seems that they believe that, along with teachers and in contrast to the rest of society, liberal "artistes" should not have to earn their bread by actually proving their worth in the free market-- which would explain their obsession with the NEA-- no, not the National Educators Association, the National Endowment for the Arts. Any rational person can look at this situation and realize that the only alternative to the Dixie Chicks "censorship" is to force people to buy Dixie Chicks CD's against their will. Now which situation actually violates someone's rights?

Given the patent absurdity of claiming a right to force people to do what you want them to, one might wonder where this bizarre idea came from. To be honest, I'm too young and not enough of a historian to venture a guess myself, but a friend of mine who's a philosophy major isn't. I had an interesting conversation with him a few months back where he described to me a movement on which he was writing his thesis called the Theatre of the Oppressed. The founder of this movement (which, though small, was apparently highly influential in some circles), Augusto Boal, redefined oppression not as the violation of real, tangible rights by the government, but as the refusal of individuals to reiterate the message of the "oppressed." That the logical extension of this, of course, is that there is no right to freedom of speech and unless everyone agrees, everyone is oppressed, apparently never dimmed Boal's enthusiasm.

I personally have no idea if the Theatre of the Oppressed actually influenced modern liberals or if it was simply another symptom of some common cause, but the analysis holds true nonetheless. Liberals do believe they have a right to force us to sit down, shut up, and listen to their tirades. This behavior does violate our right to free speech, and, through the public schools, every other fundamental right along with it.

And so no matter how loud liberals scream about freedom of speech, no matter how viciously they denounce conservative "censorship" while brainwashing our children, remember that neither censorship nor freedom means anything to a true liberal. To them it is only a word used for rhetorical effect, to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people and fool us into continuing to submit our children to their reckless social experiments.

And so when liberals plot behind closed doors and lie to the paper and the public, I thank God for courageous citizens like Vicki Fyke and the members of the Livingston Organization for Values in Education. They are fulfilling their duty-- as parents, as citizens, as Christians-- to stand up for truth and confront evil where it breeds, to fight the good fight, to run the race, to keep the faith.

And so I ask this one question:

Are you?

"Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The LORD will do what is good in his sight." --1 Chronicles 19:13, NIV


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