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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Important Developments

You need to watch this video:
Shocking religious persecution in England is a sample of what can happen as a result of S. 1105, the "hate crimes" bill. Though this battle was won, the mere fact that such an egregious violation of the Britons' civil rights was perpetrated by their local police is a testament to the deteriorating state of our culture, and a warning that we had best fight it within the legal system while we still can.

Click here to watch the video

Click here to read more about the "hate crimes" bill

Verdict Reached in Padilla Case:
Stay tuned, the verdict will be read at 2 p.m. Eastern!
Bravo for Hillsdale College
Hillsdale College takes another stance against public funding.

Church in Dallas refuses to bow down to homosexual pressure

There is a battle taking place in Dallas. It is a battle to force a church to lower their Scriptural standards to meet homosexual demands.

When High Point Church refused to allow their building to be used in a memorial service celebrating homosexuality, the homosexuals became very upset and started a campaign of harassment and public ridicule aimed at High Point.

If those pushing the homosexual agenda get their "hate crimes" bill passed into law, this is only a sample of what churches, pastors and Christians can expect.

Click here to read the news article about this situation.

Click here to read the church's statement regarding their refusal to bow down to the homosexual demands.

Click here to sign the Petition of Support

Howell High School Custodians Continue to Fight for Jobs

NEA Teachers Help Fund Pro-Homosexual Groups, Training

NEA Union Dues Support Homosexual Groups

'Gay' Training Workshops at NEA Poorly Attended

NASA Nears Decision on Shuttle Repair

Stocks Plunge Again; Dow Drops 300


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