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Friday, September 21, 2007

American Cancer Society Promotes Socialized Medicine!

Relay For Life Organization Takes Unprecedented Veer to the Left!
Hoping to force a public discussion of a "very broken" health care system in America and to "compel the new president in 2009 to act," the American Cancer Society has launched a nationwide campaign for access to quality health care.

I am shocked and disgusted by this unabashedly partisan activity from an organization that has recieved my time, money, and effort in the past, and that of the individuals I lead in several clubs and other organizations. The ACS will never trick me again.

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Donate money instead to the Children's Cancer Research Fund or the National Foundation for Cancer Research. To my knowledge these groups are actually focused on activities related to finding a cure for cancer.

Email the ACS Here

ACS Phone #: 1-800-ACS-2345

Contact Your Local ACS Office Here

Complain on the ACS Forum Here

Contact for the ACS President:

Phone: (215) 955-2356 Richard.Wender@jefferson.edu


I recieved this email below [Emphasis Mine]:

Dear Daniel,

You may have heard about a bold new effort by the American Cancer Society to do something about our nation's health care crisis. We want you, our supporter, to know what we are doing and why.

Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society proudly reported a decline in cancer deaths. Sadly, scientific evidence suggests that this progress won't continue unless all Americans gain access to quality health care. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 47 million Americans have no health insurance and millions more don't have enough to cover costs. As a result, too many people can't afford medical care or screening tests that can prevent cancer or find it early - and too many die needlessly of cancers that are detected too late. Others end up losing everything they own because they cannot afford the cost of their cancer care [aww, sad face. I guess this means we should all go to Cuba for our cancer testing. Oh, wait...].

And so we cannot help but ask, is choosing between your life and financial ruin really a choice? [Is choosing between communism and liberty really choice? Anyone?]

With this new initiative, the American Cancer Society will do what we have historically done best - educate the public and move our country to action. When the Society confirmed the link between tobacco use and lung cancer more than 40 years ago, we worked hard to educate the public about the dangers of tobacco [Right, so a free market is essentially the same as sucking burning toxins into your lungs. I hope the difference is apparent. At least there was a proven link between cancer and smoking. I have yet to see a single anti-cancer treatment to come from a communist nation]. Years later, we led volunteers across the country to advocate for policy changes that led to increased tobacco taxes and thousands of smoke-free communities. This combination of public awareness and grassroots advocacy has led to the lowest smoking rates in decades and, best of all, decreased death rates from lung cancer. We have made similar strides in cervical, breast, and colon cancers [Humble, aren't they? It's good to know they always give credit where credit is due].

Now we plan to educate Americans about the need for greater access to quality health care through an aggressive public awareness campaign featuring real people telling their own very real stories [Translation: we will manipulate viewers' emotions rather than appeal on the basis of fact or logic]. Advertisements airing nationwide will encourage people to visit www.cancer.org/access to learn more. For those who want to be part of the nationwide grassroots movement to make this issue a priority for state and federal elected officials, our sister advocacy organization, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action NetworkSM (ACS CAN), will provide opportunities for volunteers to become an active part of this effort.

Of course, while we pursue this new effort, we will continue to do all of the things that you expect from your American Cancer Society. We will continue to be the nation's top private funder of cancer research, to educate Americans about reducing their cancer risk, and to be available 24 hours a day to those who need us for information and support.

We thank you for your continued support of our mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. To learn more, tell us what you think, or get involved, visit:
www.cancer.org/access .

Richard C. Wender, MD
Anna Johnson-Winegar, PhD
Chair, National Board of Directors John R.
Seffrin, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

If this mail was an inconvenience to you, we apologize.

Call toll free 1-800-ACS-2345.

The American Cancer Society 250 Williams Street
Atlanta GA, 30303-1002

Copyright 2000-2007 © American Cancer Society


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