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Friday, September 21, 2007

Giuliani Again Tries to Act Like a Conservative

Read Article--Addresses NRA and Glosses Over Earlier Opposition to the Constitution.

"Some people call it excessive," Giuliani said. "I thought it was intense. But the reality is I was trying to achieve a result, which is to reduce crime in New York. That is not necessarily what is needed now. It certainly isn't the interpretation that I think is the correct interpretation of the 2nd Amendment." [Emphasis mine].

So, let me get this strait: You believe your action were "certainly" against the constitution, but you don't think they were excessive? You believe your actions were "certainly" against the constitution, but they are only "not necessarily" needed now?

So, not only has Giulianni violated the constitution in the past because he thought such measures were "needed" "to achieve a result," he also is holding out the possibility for doing so in the future!

And this fence-sitter wants to be president.

I *can* promise you this: Giulianni won't get my vote.


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