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Friday, September 28, 2007

More Problems for Evolutionists

Read Article- Earth's First Breath, Earlier Than Thought

An analysis of a deep rock core from Australia indicates the presence of at least some oxygen 50 million to 100 million years before the great change when the life-giving element began rising to today's levels, according to two papers appearing in Friday's edition of the journal Science.
Previously, the earliest indications of oxygen had been from between 2.3 billion and 2.4 billion years ago when the "Great Oxidation Event" occurred.

I'll ignore mocking the near mysticism of the "Great Oxidation Event" because that's just too easy. But I will point out a serious error in this news report. For prebiotic synthesis of organic compounds (the necessary first step of evolution), oxygen is far from "life giving." Oxygen is one of the most reactive, degradative compounds on earth; that is why we use chemicals like hydrogen peroxide-- H2O2-- to disinfect and debride. Neither amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) nor nucleic acids (the building blocks of RNA and DNA) can form in the presence of oxygen, and even after formation degrade to quickly to disallow any chance of a higher level of complexity from first arising. This data is actually confirmed by the oft-cited Miller-Urey experiment, which sought to produce amino acids and only could do so under anaerobic conditions. Though the experiment's relevance to evolution was later discredited, the experiment does prove that oxygen prevents amino acid formation-- a conclusion easily reachable from a basic understanding of organic chemistry.

Furthermore, Humans and all other organism that grow in the presence of oxygen require several enzymes (i.e., catalyse, superoxidedimutase, etc.) that take these oxygen radicals and bind them to other compounds. The first organisms on earth, according to evolutionary theory, are universally held to be strict anaerobes-- they cannot grow in the presence of oxygen-- because they lack these enzymes and a few other necessary protections.

So what this evidence means is that evolutionists will likely be forced to push back the age of the earth even further to account for the evolution of massive amounts of bacteria prior to this date. Watch for it.

If only the public thought for themselves instead of accepting the word of "scientists" as though they were handed down from Mount Sinai.

If only...


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