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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Must-Read Essay Series Over the Courtship Movement

Here is a very interesting online book that is a rebuttal to the courtship and betrothal movements. It is written by Robin Phillips, son of Michael and Judy Phillips, who are well-known in the courtship and betrothal communities for their writings, particularly Best Friends for Life. If you are an advocate of either betrothal or courtship, in whatever form, READ THIS BOOK!

It's. . . interesting. . . refreshing. . . largely true, to say the least. I appreciate Robin Phillips' perspective. He doesn't think "recreational dating" is a good practice, and he understands problems with our culture's general view and practices related to romance, but he also has some very good critiques of commonly-held views in courtship and betrothal circles, submitting the He attacks not all forms of courtship, but rather the abuses of what he understands is a well-intended effort by Christians to keep their hearts pure from the corruption of our culture. It's an excellent read.


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