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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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Today the Russians have taken the final step away from freedom and plunged themselves into back into the darkness of tyranny they escaped not even two decades ago. Not a child amongst them has ever been raised free-- and now, how long will it be before one is ever born free again?

The spectre of tyranny-- whether czarism, communism, despotism, or any other lie that seeks to deny men their God-given rights-- will never fail to rear its head where men breath free and reap rewards from the sweat of their own labor. It must always be gaurded against, always opposed, never appeased. We must be ever vigilant and determined. We must fight and never slack. We must, or one day we will have to answer our children, as the Russians now must answer theirs, when they ask us "Where were you, when our country lost its freedom?"


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