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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Comrade Mugabe and His Bloody Band of Fools

I stumbled upon this website by Cathy Buckle describing her struggle to keep herself and her family alive in hyper-inflation Zimbabwe. Below is an excerpt. I recommend you check her out.
Dear Family and Friends,

I don't know what the colour of sadness is, but this October 2007 I think it must be purple. The streets in our suburbs, towns and cities are lined with Jacaranda trees and they are in full blossom, carpeting the roadsides with soft purple flowers. The Bougainvilleas are covered in flowers too - mauve, lilac and bright purple. It's hard to believe that with such tropical brilliance all around us this hot October, there is such sadness too. For three months or more everyone's been talking about the fact that there's no food in the shops because the government ordered prices to be cut to below production costs. Most of us have been so busy trying to find enough food to survive and support our families that we haven't really been looking at how other businesses are coping with absurdly low controlled prices. Well, to put it simply, they're not.


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