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Friday, November 23, 2007

The (Theologically) Good, Bad, and Ugly

I stumbled upon this page a few minutes ago, and wanted to share with you the following description of the ELCA, a supposedly Lutheran organization that, by tarnishing the name of my denomination, has caused endless confusion amongst my fellow conservatives at college.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is very difficult to abbreviate. They want us to call them 'The ELCA', with each letter pronounced, rather than 'ELK-a' (even though they allow lodge membership) or 'elSA' (even though this feminine ending is quite appropriate because of their rejection of St. Paul's words concerning who is and is not to be a pastor, as well as his teaching concerning lesbianism/homosexuality, and their general 'sell-out' to militant feminism, including the permission of 'Goddess worship' in their conferences, writings of their professors, etc.).

Also, with their emphasis not being, truly, on the Gospel, but on 'social [in]justice' issues, the word 'Evangelical' slips from their name (*LCA) and because they have rejected the doctrine of the Lutheran Confessions by (among other things) linking their altars and pulpits to those who teach completely contrary to those Confessions (like the United Church of Christ, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., and the Reformed Church in America), the 'Lutheran' slips away as well (**CA).

Since they are not really a 'church', but a federation of congregations committed to the promotion of false doctrine, the 'Church' seems a little odd, too (***A), and since they have routinely promoted (by teaching and by investments) 'liberation theology' that seeks to establish communist regimes to 'free the people', one wonders how they can claim 'America' in their title.

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