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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Evidence Refutes Current, Naturalistic Cosmology

Amateur Stargazers Map a "Lop-Sided" Universe
"We've proved [sic] that random people are as good as professional astronomers," Dr Lintott said....

"'Preliminary results suggest that spiral galaxies seem to point clockwise,' he said, adding that that meant they rotate anticlockwise from our perspective. If this new finding turns out to hold true, 'you will have to throw away the standard model of cosmology.'"
If there isn't a God, I would like an explanation for how every galaxy observed rotates in the same direction from our perspective, because there is no physical reason for them to do so; from the other side of the galaxies, they would rotate in the opposite direction.

Big Bang, or Big Goof? Astronomer Challenges 'Seeds' Proof

"In other words, astronomers who mistook the "seeds" for objects on the edge of the universe are like someone who looks outdoors through a window and mistakes smudges on the glass for clouds in the sky."


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