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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Some shocking news for 2008

Buddy Moorehouse, LCP&A

We've come down to the final two days of 2007, and I know what question is on your mind as 2008 comes into view: Dear God, will we have to endure another 12 months of bizarre stories about the Howell Public Schools?

The short answer, of course, is "yes." Livingston County's favorite soap opera isn't going away anytime soon, but just in case you're wondering, there WILL be several other stories that will be gobbling up headlines in 2008....

JAN. 25: Fresh off their success using drug-sniffing dogs at the Freshman Campus, Howell school officials announce that they will be using Bible-sniffing dogs in all schools to search for contraband religious materials. A sweep of the high school turns up two hymnals and a crumpled photo of Billy Graham.

FEB. 18: Livingston County officials announce that not only will they be building an outdoor ice rink on the lawn of the historical Livingston County Courthouse in Howell, but they will also be turning the county jail into a bowling alley.

MARCH 4: Michigan lawmakers discover a few things that haven't yet been taxed: walking the dog, sleeping on the couch after a big dinner, and using your fingers as quotation marks. They impose a 6 percent service tax on all of them....

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